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CJT connector A2509-T-B crimp terminal alligator clip

CJT connector A2509-T-B crimp terminal alligator clip

Product classification:【CJT_connector】

Function overview:

Terminal -2.50mm spacing, crimp terminal, AWG: 20 #-22 #

Small product category A2509 series
Product spacing is 2.50mm
Cable size (AWG)20#-22#
Wire diameter OD1.60mm(Max)
Material phosphor copper
Products are plated with tin and gold.
Current 8A
250V voltage

Matching rubber shell:
A2509HFA-XP 2.50mm spacing, rubber shell,
A2509HFA-2xXP 2.50mm spacing, double row, rubber shell,

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The stock models are complete and the stock is sufficient! Spot hotline: 0755-27801113


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