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LP Thin Film Resistance Thermal Sensors

LP Thin Film Resistance Thermal Sensors

Product classification:【KOA_Speer】

Function overview:

?LP series is thin-film thermal sensors and accomodates
resistance tolerance ±1% and high T.C.R. +5000×10-6/K with
the standard products.
?Suitable for control of temperatures for various industrial
?Products meet EU-RoHS requirements.
?Temperature compensation for Load Cells in a Electronic
Weighing Instruments.
?Overheat prevention for Printer Heads.
?Temperature compensation for Home Electrical Appliances,
Measuring Instruments and Communications Equipment.
?Overheat prevention for various PCBs.

product details

Stock is sufficient, please refer to 0755-27801113 for specific models.

Click LP series specification to download.



KOA熱敏電阻KOA temperature sensor1



KOA temperature sensor2



KOA temperature sensor3



KOA temperature sensor4



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