RK73G Flat Chip Resistors (Ultra Precision Grade)

RK73G Flat Chip Resistors (Ultra Precision Grade)

Product classification:【KOA_Speer】

Function overview:

?Metal-glaze thick film resistor for surface mounting.
?High precision resistor with T.C.R. ±50×10?6/K and tolerance
?Suitable for both flow and reflow solderings.
?Products with lead free termination meet EU-RoHS requirements.
    EU-RoHS regulation is not intended for Pb-glass contained in
    electrode, resistor element and glass.
?AEC-Q200 Tested.
?Car electronics, Industrial equipment, Industrial measurement
?Replacement of metal film chip resistors.
■Reference Standards
 IEC 60115-8
 JIS C 5201-8
 EIAJ RC-2134C

product details

The stock is sufficient, please refer to 0755-27801113 for specific models.

Click to download RK73G series specifications.



KOA超精密電阻KOA resistance1



KOA resistance2



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KOA resistance4



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